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WALL STREET JOURNAL: A New Holocaust Museum Emerges in Brooklyn    As a young boy, Rabbi   Dovid Reidel   took an unusual storybook to bed: He would read notes from his grandfather, detailing his efforts to rescue Jews during the Holocaust, including lobbying officials from  Eleanor Roosevel  t to state department secretaries.     Read

Brooklyn's first Holocaust museum isn't about death. It's about Jewish religious life.

Seventy-one years after the end of World War II, there's a growing urgency to preserve the stories of survivors. A new museum in Brooklyn is trying to do just that.

But the Amud Aish Memorial Museum is a bit different than other Holocaust museums, according to Rabbi Dovid Reidel, the museum's director of research. He says Amud Aish focuses less on stories of death, and more on stories of Jewish religious life....Read

A Different kind of holocaust museum

...The museum and educational center, located at 5923 Strickland Avenue, both seek to bear witness to the world of observant Jews, prior, during and after the Holocaust. Keeping the faith, staying “religious” and observing Jewish ritual practice during this most trying of times was obviously not easy in a world on fire. The victims’ stories are told with an emphasis on “… what was central to many of them: maintaining their faith and observance in times of extraordinary adversity,” according to a press release from the museum....Read


In Brooklyn, a new view of the Shoah, aimed at ultra-Orthodox Jews

Other visitors might have been surprised to see me, a Reform-turned-secular alumna of a pluralistic Jewish day school in Texas, showing up in Brooklyn—wearing a modest black shell top and ankle-length skirt.....Read

Holocaust exhibit for the deaf opens in Mill Basin

An exhibit about deaf victims and survivors of the Holocaust and intended for deaf people has opened in Mill Basin. The exhibit focuses on personal experiences and the challenges faced by observant Jews. It not only shares survivor stories, but welcomes the deaf community to learn more about the past...Video