Parshas Pinchas

TAMUZ, 5779

Earlier this month, Amud Aish's Through the Lens of Faith, opened at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. Through the Lens of Faith focuses on 21 Holocaust survivors and how their relationship with faith and G-d evolved during and after their internment at the concentration camp.

The Opening Ceremony includes; Elly Kleinman, Caryl Englander, Dr. Henri Lustiger-Thaler, Avshalom Weinstein, Daniel Libeskind and Piotr Cywiński.

 The exhibit will be on display through 2020

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Dear Friend,

Aish Kodesh was written by Rabbi Klonimos Kalman Shapira, the Piaseczna Rebbe, during the darkest years of the Warsaw Ghetto. Despite his own personal tragedies, Rabbi Shapira continued to be a bastion of faith and inspiration for his fellow Jews as the Nazi persecution ravaged the Ghetto population.


Before his death, Moshe Rabbeinu asked Hashem to find a proper leader for b'nei Yisroel. We find a similar story with Rabbi Eliezer. Before he passed away, and his students came to visit him on his deathbed. "Rebbe," they said, "teach us the ways of life so that we may merit the World to Come."

Rabbi Eliezer responded by giving them some seemingly simple instructions on raising and educating children.

There are two points to consider here: Didn't the students have many years to learn the ways of life from their teacher? Additionally, the advice he gave them does not seem to be anything new.

We find that the Yetzer Hara, or evil inclination, thrives on uncertainty. When one is unsure of his future, the Yetzer Hara takes advantage of this weakness and lures him to sin. This is how often young students are suspectible to fear at a point in life when the future is before them. Surely, we know that only Hashem is in charge of one's future, and many realize this after attempting to control the uncontrollable.

The students of Rabbi Eliezer were at a juncture, unsure of what the future would bring without him. He therefore sought to assure them that simply adhering to the usual steps to success would continue to serve them well even in his absence.


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