Located in the heart of Boro Park, Brooklyn, 

        Amud Aish Memorial Museum (AAMM) is a living memorial to all the victims of the Holocaust. The museum’s mission is to present the victim experience, with special emphasis on the perspectives of observant Jewish communities. It is the only Holocaust museum to focus on the role of faith within the broader context of the annihilation of European Jewry.

The Amud Aish Memorial Museum and its educational division, The Kleinman Holocaust Education Center (KHEC), have emerged as invaluable resources for educational programming, Orthodox specific archives, and new scholarship.

The primary facility will open in 2017 in Brooklyn with future annexes in Lakewood, New Jersey, and Jerusalem. International exhibitions and programs are currently under development throughout Europe. In 2015, the museum became one of six founding Pillars of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation.

Future Home of the Amud Aish Memorial Museum: 1561 50th Street Brooklyn, NY 11219

Opening 2017


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Current Location
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5923 Strikcland Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11234